6 Things You Must do While Travelling to Jaisalmer…!!

In the northwestern area of India, Jaisalmer is the most beautiful city of Rajasthan also known as “Golden City” due to it bounteous golden dunes in the Thar Desert. The city is beautifully adorned with lakes, jain temples, forts, museums, havelis, best hotels in Jaisalmer and castles in golden yellowish sandstones. It was founded by Raja Rawal Jaiswal in the year 1156 A.D. and eventually known as Jaisalmer – The Hill Fort Of Jaisal holding years old history of sacrifice, war, thrones and a lot more. 

And here is the list of top 6 things that you must do while traveling to Jaisalmer.

1. Forts, Palaces And Temples

The city was once owned by the royals and they kept if safe by getting is surrounded with the largest fort in the world and the famous landmark “ Jaisalmer Fort of Raja Rawal Jaiswal “. Other than that there are lots of jain temples for worshipping, nathmal ki haveli, bada bagh, maharaja palace, patwon ki haveli, salim singh ki haveli and vyas chattri. There are destinations too but here you can explore culture, traditions, architecture, designs and the history of royal reign. 

2. Local Market

There are many shopping options available in Jaisalmer and markets that are well-known for selling their specialities. The major and famous markets in Jaisalmer is Sadar bazaar, Bhatia bazaar, Manak chowk bazaar, Sonaron ka baas in fact Pansaari bazaar is one of oldest bazaars of Jaisalmer and Gramodyog bhavan in seema gram is owned by the government. You can buy Rajasthani textiles, jootis, decorative items, yellow sandstone showpieces, local handicrafts, ornaments and a lot more.   

3. Rajasthani Food and Cuisines

Your trip wouldn’t be considered complete until and unless you don’t give a try to the spicy and delightful Rajasthani cuisine. To treat the epicurean in you try the ditch fast food and other delicacies too. The list of must try dishes are Mirchi vada, Pyaaz kachori, Lauki ke kofte, Dal bati churma, ghewar, gattey ka saag, ghotua laddoo and other local dishes served with utmost love and hygiene. You can also try out the farsaan and sweets that are available only in Jaisalmer and also you can get it packed for your loved ones.

4. Desert Safari

Well apart from food Jaisalmer offers a lot of exciting and thrilling activities for travellers, such as Quad biking, camel ride, jeep safari and dune bashing these are the most pulsating things to do in Jaisalmer. Sam sand dunes is the most popular and widespread desert area in jaisalmer. You can book yourself an SUV and explore the desert or you can book a round trip from the hotel that would include all these safaris and even a car that would take you to the destination and drop you back at the hotel.  

5. Cultural Programme

Jaisalmer is famous since a long time for its culture, traditions, art & craft, and folk performances. You book your stay anywhere in any hotel a traditional welcome is done with a puja ki thali and khamma ghani greetings, in fact in the season comfortable for traveling you can experience staying in desert where they carry out different cultural activities such as traditional rajasthani folk dance, puppet show, breathtaking sunsets, scrumptious local cuisine in dinner along with bonfire and last but not least, everyone’s favorite star gazing, lying down in the desert and watch the stars twinkling and sparkling. 

6. Kuldhara

Widely popular, talk of the town is the Kuldhara village and it’s anonymous history that has been depicted by elders since many generations, the village was once very prosperous and inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. The village is famous for the mysterious story of its inhabitants leaving the place barren over a night and right after that no one could ever settle down their, no matter how hard they tried. The place is believed to be cursed and haunted, the government of Rajasthan decided to develop it and make an attractive tourist destinations. 

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