Plan to Attend Desert Festival of Jaisalmer and Enjoy the Full Moon Weekend Night in Sam Sand Dunes desert

The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is the most vibrant annual event that take place in the month of February (also called “ Magh “ as per the hindu calendar ) prior to three days before the full moon night or purnima night. The festival is celebrated in the midst of Thar Desert of the Sam Sand Dunes, away from the city at an approximation of 42 kilometers – during those three days of the festival, the desert turns lively to make the environment around romantic, blissful and enjoying. Jaisalmer is the Golden city of Rajasthan that has a wide area covered with sand shimmering like gold at the time of sunrise and sunset, forts of mughal dynasties, Rajputana palaces and an exhibition of art, traditions, food, culture and rituals that makes the city unique in its own way. 

This year the festival has been scheduled to be organised from 7 February,2020 to 9 February,2020, where you can take an up close look to the Rajasthani food, art, culture and vigorous environment of the desert. The purpose of celebrating this festival is the mythical history of Lord Krishna (ruler of the Yadav community) and Arjuna (one of the Pandavas), where Lord Krishna have said that the true successor of yadav community will build a kingdom on the Trikuta Hills. The prediction came true when King Rawal Jaiswal build his kingdom in the year 1196 and he was a descendant of the Yadav community – when the people came to know about the prophecy they organised a celebration which later on turned out to be festival organised every year by the government, so that more travellers may attract towards the event. 

The festival will be inaugurated in the morning from the Jaisalmer fort to the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium and turns the desert alive into a land of color, enthusiasm and happiness. The localities of the city get themselves dressed in colorful ethnic bright attires that depicts the incidences of the tragedies and the achievements that desert has seen till date. The most highlighting events of the festival are – Gair and the fire dance ; Kalabaz (group of local nomads) performing their gymnastic acts and the Bhopa’s Langhas and Manganiars create an enchanting environment with their poignant folk music and ballads. In fact you can be the audience for the most fascinating competitions such as – Camel Polo, Camel Races, gymnastic stunts on the camel back, the camel dance is the crown jewel of the desert event and the competition is followed by the Border Security Force. 

The list is not over yet, you can also com across to competing events such as Tug-of-War, Turban tying, Maru – Shri ( Mr. Desert Competition ) and the longest moustache competition. On the last day, the grand finale of the festival has a Traditional Rajasthani folk concert following an Air Force display, cricket match and parachuting. The festival ends on the full moon night when the walls of Jaisalmer Fort lighten up bright enough to add charm in the event and make the sky filled with the dust of rejoice and celebrations. Along with this competitions and shows, you can enjoy the food exhibition where local sweet dishes and cuisines are served with utmost delicacy, art and cultural fashion followed in clothes, fancy shoes, silver accessories, ornaments and oxidase jewelleries. Aren’t you know willing to attend the festival and be a storyteller by yourself rather than just reading it over here ?   

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