Check The Safety Measures Followed By Hotel Marina Mahal in Jaisalmer

Hotel Marina Mahal is amongst the standard budget 3 star hotels in Jaisalmer where luxury and dedicated services makes each guest blissful and comforting – we make sure that if a guest is travelling to the city and they could explore everything that the city has to exhibit. We are located in the midst of the city with a rooftop restaurant from where you can enjoy the view of the city with a platter of healthy breakfast – brunch or dinner ( the most promising view is of Jaisalmer Fort ). Apart from a stay in the resort we accept bookings for swiss tents that we have in the midst of Sam Sand Dunes and plan adventurous activities such as camel ride, jeep safari, rajasthani traditional folk dance and folk music shows along with bonfire under sky full of stars. Recently we all have been familiar with the lockdown, we have reopened now and following some strict safety guidelines to avoid the virus and also request the guests to follow them :-

1. We sterilize the linens with high temperature wash

Bedsheets are something that are changed everyday whether the virus is there or not but since the pandemic has adversely affected mankind we have made sure that each linen tucked in each room is washed thoroughly with hot water and sun soaked dried. The virus has its own time duration of sustenance on different materials and mattress is something which is most common to be used by guests for sleeping – we make sure that you have a good sound sleep without worrying about the hygiene standards of the linens.  

2. We make sure that guests wear mask while being in public areas

Face mask and face shield are the mandatory amenities that a guest must carry with him while being in any public area, you never know who or what might be infected with the virus and nose is the easiest access to enter the body. If you are going out for sightseeing, exploring the desert or walking around the hotel or swiss tents – do not trust or take your safety for granted, a face mask will prevent the virus from passing through your nose. Each day when you walk out of your room, make sure that all your loved ones have a fresh pair of masks and they keep their masks on their faces and not in pockets.

3. Staff is instructed to wear mask while attending guests

Staff members are like a strong backbone for the hotel industry as their hard work and dedication behind each guest makes a stay comfortable and lets guests drop positive feedback for the property. We care for our staff members and so we have instructed them to keep their face mask on always while interacting with guests on the front desk, serving food on restaurant tables or doing the housekeeping chores. In fact all our staff members are localities and so it’s must for them to follow the safety guidelines so that either at property or in any other public place – they won’t get infected by the virus.

4. Follow the floor marks and maintain social distancing 

Recently we all have come across the word social distancing which means if you are in a public area or in a crowd you must maintain a two hand distance and do not let the virus pass through breathes or by touch. In the waiting area, restaurant and lobby we have placed floor stickers which remind everyone to maintain the distance and do not create havoc – these precautions will not just help you but also prevent many people around you who care for their lives and want no health issues that costs them life. Even if you are outside the property for sightseeing make sure that you don’t break the rule and keep the safe distance. 

5. Use the hand sanitizers placed for staff and guests

Sanitizers were always suggested to use but since the pandemic struck the world everyone made sure that they have a bottle of sanitizer with them and they use it every time when they touch something suspicious or are in a crowded place. We have placed different sanitizing stands in our property so that everyone including staff and guest members can keep their hands clean and prevent viruses from entering the body. Though everyone is carrying a bottle with them we would suggest that before touching your luggage or fresh set of clothes – sanitize your hands thoroughly.

6. Must keep sanitizers while being in high traffic areas

Though tourism has just begun the city is filled with travellers who are exploring the sightseeing destinations, markets, food streets, shopping centers and many other places that have something to exhibit and attract guests. We might look after your safety in our hotel or in the tents but while you are roaming outside, your safety should be your priority and for that we suggest you should carry a bottle of sanitizer in your bag and keep on using it frequently. Before stepping out of the car and while entering the hotel, make sure that palms of your loved ones are sanitized properly and later take a hot shower.

7. Staff members must wash their hands with soaps

Relying on sanitizer won’t be a good idea as they have a foul smell too which might make you feel uncomfortable while eating or serving – we have made sure that all our staff members wore the gloves but still after taking them off a smell is always left behind. To avoid such issues we have placed a clean soap set in each corner of the property, so that employees can wash their hands and feel fresh with no itchiness. Not just staff members, we suggest guests should also wash their hands with soap before eating or making any close contact to hands – letting sanitizer on the skin can be risky too. 

8. Fresh set of shower kit and bathroom toiletries

Earlier guests use to carry a lot of stuff with them while travelling to other city so that they could avoid paying additional charges but these days hotels have been so fancy that they provide the basic amenities and facilities that a guest requires before leaving the hotel room such as towels, napkins, toothpaste, brush, soaps, shampoos and many other amenities that are necessity. We have always provided the fresh kit but since the hygiene question has arised much after lockdown, we have made sure that we handover the set of fresh kit when the guest arrives and dump it or clean it when they leave.

9. Maintain minimum time gap of 24 hrs before room allotment

We have always made sure that a standard checkin – checkout time is followed by all the guests but as we have reopened after a long lockdown, we now make sure that each room gets a time gap of 24 hours before getting allotted to a guest. As now we have to sanitize each and every corner of the rooms including door knobs, windows and furnitures we try to maintain a gap of a day when the guest leaves the room. Meanwhile we sanitize everythings, change the linens, curtains, toiletries and everything that is inside the room – as it’s the only place where you can pull off your mask and relax.

Monsoon is believed to be the best time to visit Jaisalmer as the temperature and ambiance of the city is very soothing and guests can enjoy the sightseeing and food without any issues – in fact we have opened our swiss tents in the desert for bookings. So if you are tired of staying at home all these months and having trust issues to step out, we believe you must go through our safety policy and confirm your reservations for hotel and tent soon as possible. We always have amazing seasonal packages, festival packages and weekday – weekend packages to book under the best discounted value – for more details you can visit our website or just drop us a call. 

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