5 Fantastic Facts To Plan Your Next Trip To Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer – the desert city of Rajasthan is also well known as the golden city of India due to the use of stones in its architecture. It shines like gold when the sun rays fall on them, and it looks really mesmerizing. Jaisalmer is very famous among leisure travellers due to many obvious reasons, famous sightseeing places, beautiful & exclusive cultural folk dance and song performances, unique handicraft products and a hidden treasure of royal heritage are the few reasons among them to attract the tourists.

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Sightseeing places with heritage importance

There are so many beautiful sightseeing places in Jaisalmer that will give you an insight of the royal heritage and vibrant culture of Rajasthan. The first and foremost place one should visit is the Jaisalmer fort. It is a place that no matter how many times you visit there, you will find something new, something interesting that you have not seen before. You can also visit the very famous Gadisar lake, jain temples, Bada bagh, Kuldhara village, Desert national park, Sam sand dunes, Badal palace, Patwon ki haveli, Tanot mata temple, Camping & cultural evening, barmer, Desert culture center & museum, Indo – pak border, Quad biking and many more exciting places to visit.

Spending a night in desert

Spending a night in the desert has its own perks. Sleeping under the sky and gazing at the beautiful stars is really a heavenly feeling that can not be described in words. And if you are choosing to spend a night on “poonam” , which is full moon day, it will be an unbelievable experience of your life. The wide spread desert all around you, pin drop silence to give you the peace of mind you need to get refreshed from your hectic urban life, and those beautiful moonlit sky and twinkling stars will blow your mind. You will get so lost in that ambiance that you wouldn’t know when you slept while gazing at the stars.

The kalbelia dance and folk music in moonlight

Kalbelia is an unique dance form that is most popular in Rajasthan, especially among the leisure travellers. This type of dance is usually performed by the Kalbelias – The tribal people of Rajasthan including the men and women both. Usually the males play the musical instruments like flute or drums or dhol, and the high energy dance is performed followed by those musical beats by female performers. They are usually dressed in bright colored costumes and some beautiful traditional jewellery.

Authentic fabrics with amazing embroidery designs

Jaisalmer has a very big local market with so many unique things available to carry with you to take memories of Jaisalmer along with you. In fact it is a favourite shopping destination among leisure travellers as well as foreigners. They have some beautiful locally produced fabric with some age old techniques which have been passed on from generations in legacy. And the mesmerizing hand-work embroidery designs will definitely steal your heart. You will also find the unique tie & die block pattern print, batik print in their exotic looks with bright and vibrant shades to steal your heart. You will find sarees, dupattas, kurtis in different designs and patterns.

Stay at Hotel Marina Mahal

Due to so much rush of tourists, there are so many stay options in Jaisalmer claiming themselves to be the best family hotel in Jaisalmer or top 10 hotels in jaisalmer. Hotel Marina Mahal is one of the best budget hotels in Jaisalmer offering the most comfortable hotel stay as well as a leisure stay at luxury tents in Sam sand dunes. If you are planning a trip to Jaisalmer, make sure that you are making a hotel booking in Jaisalmer with hotel Marina mahal. Here all your needs and requirements will be taken care of and you will be able to spend some of the most enjoyable time of your life with your loved ones.

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